Drag files onto the app-icon.

Check "Conform to:" and enter desired fps if you want to conform to a new frame rate.

Eg: if you shoot HDR @50 fps you can conform to 25fps.


If you don't check "keep original", the original file will be conformed to the new frame rate.

If you don't want to alter the original, check "keep original". A new, conformed movie will be made (filename +"-c").


Choose "Referencing" for small filesizes, you must keep the originals, as these are referenced by the new movies.

"Split HDR" generates seperate movies for both exposures made with Magic Lantern HDR.

Even frames end up in "Original_File_Name_-A", odd frames in "...-B".


HDR-Splitter Mac OS X


Have fun,
George Tyszkiewicz